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Death Move #19: The Dreaded Chicken Wing

If you are making the above "Death Move", or any of the following 20 others, you are making this game a LOT harder
than it needs to be. Take a look at the rest of these "Death Moves" and determine how many of these
moves are KILLING your swing and your ability to score.

#1. Freezing Over The Golf Ball

This is the first Death Move and it's a doozie. If you freeze over the golf ball, before you start your swing, you're in trouble before you even get started.

#2. The Reverse Pivot

This is where your weight goes toward your forward leg on the backswing and then your rear leg on your forward swing.

#3. Trying to Create Width In Your Backswing

Width in your backswing is good; it's "over-extension" to try to create additional width that is the problem.

#4. Rolling the Club Over In the Backswing

This is where your hands and arms roll over in the backswing and the clubface points up towards the sky.

#5. No Hip Turn & No Shift

This is trying to create X-Factor resistance in the lower body - to a "fault". This is your lower body doing "nothing" in your backswing.

#6. Hooding Or Over Closing the Golf Club

This is where the golfer takes the club back and starts to "hood it" on the way back. This usually combined with the butt of the club getting too far away from the body.

#7. Wide Open Club Face At the Top

This is typically caused by having a weak left (top hand) on the club and sometimes having both hands in a weak position. This causes the club to be wide up at the top

#8. Tucked Elbow Position Going Back

This is where your back (rear) elbow is glued to your side in the backswing. This might have worked 100 years ago with wooden shafts, but it doesn't work in modern golf.

#9. Shaft Tip Over

This is where you try to take the club inside, to hit the ball from the inside, and your club actually gets "steep" by working out toward the ball, the shaft is "Tipping Over".

#10. Too Shallow

This is from getting the club "underneath" your right (back) arm on the way down and the club gets to "shallow", too far from the inside and you risk hitting behind the ball and blocking it out to the right.

#11. Getting Your Body Ahead of the Golf Ball

This is where you slash or slide ahead of the ball before impact. You don't hit a ball, behind your body in any sport!

#12. Levels In Your Swing

This is where you are "lifting", or "dipping" excessively during your swing. This makes it very difficult to hit the ball on the center of the clubface consistently.

#13. Weight On The Toes

This is the worst place you can have your weight to stay in balance. If you start out with your weight there, you'll never be in balance during your swing.

#14. Quick Move Away With The Hands

When your hands and the club "run away" from your center, you have no chance of having any kind of tempo during your swing. You are disconnected, this is not a one-piece takeaway.

#15. Head In Front Of The Ball With The Driver

If you drive the ball "short" this is for you! If you move ahead of the ball (with your head) with the driver, you're going to get "steep" with the shaft and bad things are going to happen every time.

#16. Right (Back) Foot Spinning Out

This is where your back heal "shifts" back behind the toe in the downswing, what I call "spinning out". This is usually combined with the left hip turning back prior to the weight being shifted forward.

#17. Throwing The Club From The Top

This is where you start down with the hands and arms, from the top of the swing, in an effort to hit the ball with the hands and arms.

#18. Shifting The Left (Front) Foot

This is another form of a Reverse Pivot where the front foot spins out and takes the knee and the hip with it, causing you to fall back in the forward swing.

#20. Break Your Lead Wrist

This is the breaking down of the left wrist (forward wrist) at or before impact. The job of the left hand is to "not break down".

#21. Too Much Inside Out Swing

This is usually the better player trying to hit the ball from the "inside" or "down the target line" where the club gets too "vertical" in the follow-through.

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Jim’s professional achievements include: National PGA Teaching Committee Member, National PGA Education Committee, National PGA Awards Committee and PGA Master Professional (1990). Jim is an Instruction Editor for Golf Digest since 1997 and instruction Editor and Advisor for The Golf Channel since its’ inception in 1995. Jim appears regularly on The Golf Channel Academy. He was the Co-Chairman of the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit in 1992 held in San Francisco. He has led over 50 national teaching and playing workshops for the PGA of America and has been the featured speaker at 6 National PGA Teaching Summits and 4 Teaching & Coaching Summits in Europe. He was Master Instructor for Golf Magazine from 1990 – 1997 and was an Instruction Writer for Golf Illustrated.

Jim McLean has worked extensively with many top teachers including Jimmy Ballard, Art Bell, Jackie Burke, Harry Cooper, Jack Grout, Claude Harmon, Johnny Revolta, Bob Toski, Ken Venturi, Butch Harmon, Manuel De La Torre, among many others. Jim has taught more than 100 PGA Tour, LPGA and Senior PGA Tour players including: Dana Quigley, Hal Sutton, Brad Faxon, Tom Kite, Sergio Garcia, Lenny Mattiace, Curtis Strange, Bernhard Langer, Cristie Kerr, Blaine McCallister, Ben Crenshaw, Jerry Pate, Gary Player, Liselotte Neuman, Peter Jacobsen & Steve Elkington.

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